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July 25, 2007


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Jason Sansbury

Here is what I did a year ago in preparing for a move. Take all your files and paper copies to a copy shop. They should be able to take them all and make digital copies for you, so you can have the files on a computer, which is much more efficient.

On the book front- if it is iffy, remember you can always borrow/buy another copy when you need it. I am in the process of learning that one now.

Greg Harris

I was about to suggest the same thing, it's a lot easier to store a couple hundred megabytes of PDF files than it is to lug around a filing cabinet. I have a scanner if you need one.

jay hardwick

jason and greg...great ideas! thanks for sharing.

greg...what in the world am i going to do without your ideas??? :-)

Bill LaMorey

Read "Getting Things Done" by David Allen and follow his system...it's changed my life!

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