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May 22, 2007


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Great post!

jay hardwick

thanks, shaula!


Wow...i agree...we all need to be advocates for the people who do not have a voice...the hardest thing is, the people who need the voice are the ones that make us feel the most uncomfortable...the poor, dirty, elderly, or different colored skin kind of people who don't fit into our suv, eating-out styled lives...

just this weekend i was reminded of how selfish and full of myself i am when someone stopped by our church who needed help financially...she was very much out of my comfort zone, and even more so when a friend and i drove her to the shack she called a home...

saved only by my wife's compassion and sensitive heart, did i swallow every bit of my intellect... that told me i shouldn't give her money because she was just giving me a story and would waste it on alcohol or drugs...and help this woman.

i was reminded that being an advocate takes a willingness to step out even when we think we know better, or are not in the mood because it interupts our scheduled lives...its tough to do...

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