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April 04, 2007


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Jay, this is so incredible. It's going to be an amazing Easter for you guys...


WOWwee....excellent stuff...of course, back in KY, after billy donovan, CC egg drop talk is everywhere too. :)


Hey! Just a note of encouragement- the other day I was talking to a couple who just moved here and are looking for a church to get involved in. They started talking about a church where they felt immediately comfortable and welcome. The church was Catalyst! I know ministry can get tough sometimes and it's good to hear things like that every now and then. Hope this weekend goes well!

milo wilson

I'm just as floored as you guys are. I really wish we had gotten a chance to hear about and use the idea before ya'll got to it. you have ruined it for the rest of us in Greenville, but I agree with you, the buzz is everywhere. Nice work fellas!

jay hardwick

alexis -

thanks for sharing the encouragement! you're right...it's always good to hear those stories.


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