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April 09, 2007


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David McKinney


I know God is utilizing you and Lara Beth in Gvegas. Who'd a thought you'd do it in good ole Clemson country? :) Losing one game in five ain't bad.

I pray that God's favor would not leave you and the CCers. Just stretch your goals to craziness and then, as you know, only God can take credit for the results.

I'm currently in the Charlotte area and volunteering with the Elevation team in Union County. ( I must of missed you when you came over for "The Sound". ) To say that it is cool and exciting would be an understatement.

I desire that you and the CCers would keep the fire of craziness for God and rock Gvegas on it's rear end.

Take care.

jay hardwick

david -

wow...it's been a while! so glad to hear a little of what you're up to! i heard great things from the union launch yesterday. isn't it great to be a part of church that you KNOW is making a difference?!

i'll combat you're "1 out of 5" comment with a reminder...there's a new sheriff in this state and his name is spurrier!

thanks for your prayers for catalyst, david. keep it up!


thanks to all five of you..jay, casey, jake, philip, sarah, and caroline... all of you did an AMAZING JOB piecing all of this together in a matter of weeks. i was as excited about volunteering as the kids were about the eggs dropping. it was a blast! so proud to be a part of it all!



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