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March 28, 2007


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Brant Reeves

Jay, this is something all of us need to take to heart. When I went to the Catalyst Labs last year I decided I wanted to hear what Eugene Peterson had to say. A good portion of his message was based on the practice of "Sabbath". Rob Bell also struggled with this and made a significant change in his life. He said if he didn't, he would easily get burned out. I am glad you are taking this seriously.

jay hardwick

brant -

the road to burnout is subtle. i love what wayne cordeiro says - "we lead out of rest." it's not just for my "professional life," but also for my family. not much use in trying to be a great leader in ministry if i am a horrible leader at home. much work to do in that area, but i'm committed to it. thanks for your prayers and encouragement.


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