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January 19, 2007


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Hey Jay,

Just wanted to say thanks for writing this blog. I've been reading off and on for a few months and it's really exciting to see what God is doing at Catalyst. I'm glad somebody on the inside of a North Point Ministries church is writing a blog! God is doing amazing things through NPM churches and I love reading about it. I'm beginning seminary at DTS this fall and I'm praying that either before or after I'm done, God will open a door for me to be involved with NPM. Keep up the good work!

Jay  Hardwick


You're right...God certainly has His hand on the NPM organization. It's a real honor to be a part of it.

Thanks for dropping by the blog. All the best as you get ready for seminary...DTS is no walk in the park, as I'm sure you know. :-) And, DTS is the seminary of choice for North Point...or so it seems...I had to do a lot of convincing for them to think equally of me since I went to Southern. Totally kidding...:-)

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