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January 24, 2007


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bill streger

Jay, I'd love to hear about anyone you hear from. Would you be willing to share what you find?

Jay Hardwick

bill -

sure will! :-)


Kendra Malloy

Hi Jay!

Off the cuff, I can think of a few portable churches that are doing really unique things.

Kensington Community Church North and East Campuses in Troy, MI - Cafe Style Offerings

New Hope Diamond Head in Honolulu, Hawaii - Set up Portable Kitchen and Provide Pancake Breakfasts

Hope ??? in Peoria, IL - offering organic juice bar and "whole foods" snacks

Can't remember the name of this church in NW Washington - doing serve yourself Smoothie Bars

Central Christian Multi Site in Las Vegas, NV - Coffeehouse style cafe with couches, chairs and bean bags; video feed showing service

Those are the churches we've worked with that I can remember off the bat. Feel free to email me, and I'll send you some more names as I am able. I think I have some pictures, too.

Don't worry. I WON'T TRY TO SELL YOU ANYTHING; I just want to provide you a good network!

Jay Hardwick

Kendra -

Thanks for the info!

What are those churches doing to cast vision, communicate strategy, answer questions, etc. in those environments?

Kendra Malloy

Hi Jay!

I just sent you a long email about the different ways I've seen other portable churches / pastors communicate vision and strategy to newcomers in portable environments. It seemed too long for a comment...

Hope it helps, and enjoy your upcoming Sunday!

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