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December 11, 2006


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Tina Harkey

In comments from Seekers first experience at our church they were "scared" of the buzz. The people coming out, congestion, etc. made them want to leave. So be careful with evaluation of this decision to assure that you aren't accomodating your members/attenders at a loss of seekers. And I don't know your parking situation, but could this change cause a challenge for those attending the second service?

Jay  Hardwick


Great thoughts and questions. We actually listened more to outsiders in making this decision than insiders. The people we talked to wanted to walk in to activity and groups of people talking, laughing, etc. It helps to protect anonymity and to give them a sense that this is a happening place.

Fortunately, we are blessed with a great traffic flow/parking set-up. Behind our location is a two-level parking deck with two ways of exiting onto two different streets. Also, we're not big enough to have major congestion problems with people or cars.

The key word in your comment is evaluate - we will, ruthlessly. We'll see how it goes and if it doesn't work, we'll find a new option.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Tina Harkey

Awesome. I hope that one day you do have congestion problems. Don't we all want to see that day?

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