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November 20, 2006


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Eddie Johnson

According to my old fundamentalist Baptist "Crisis" checklist handbook :>), I have diagnosed your problems as one of the following:

(1) There "sin in the camp" at Catalyst and you're getting a little OT judgment.
(2) Somebody in leadership took communion "unworthily" recently.
(3) The other church plants in your area have had their prayers answered this week and you recieved the "benefit". :>)


(4) The fact you would even mentioned in jest say that you're going to contact Benny Hinn brought you judgment. :>)

Praying everyone gets better bro!! Glad to know our churches are more "mission and model driven" than "personality", aren't you?? :>) Sure makes life easier and the church healthier. Take care!


"Or maybe I didn't give enough."


Hope y'all feel better. That's tough.


Why do the loud birds always get the attention? At the later service a smaller thud came from the other side of the lobby. Poor cardinal never had a chance...

michael white

Allow me the grace to pray for you oh wise one..

MommaSayMommaSawMooMakooSau.... Ooops sorry... you asked for Benny Hinn... I gave you Michael Jackson... Let me try again.... wait a minute... you're not in a wheelchair... you're not blind... you just have a cold... you're not a bad enough case to call Pastor Benny Hinn... what you need is to pray the prayer of faith.... according the the police lieutenant on the Bad Boys Movie it is all about the 'woosaahhhh'...

Start chanting!

Just wanted to make you laugh!

Still church planting!

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