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October 31, 2006


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Jason  Curlee

Hey Jay,

I used to be at Faith Family Church in Victoria, TX. I led a survey were we found the largest church in every county of America. We looked at church size versus county size to measure success based on % of county...Most counties don't have a church that reaches 1% of their county attendance. Even fewer reach the 2% mark and if you reached the 3% mark you were in a class all by yourself.

So really Lakewood barely reaches 1% of the metro area of Houston when you put the whole metro together.

Faith Family on the other hand reaches over 3% of the county with a church of 4,000 in a county of 85,000. They do a significant church conference for churches in small counties.

Jay Hardwick

Great stuff, Jason. Thanks for the input.

When you say "church size," are you referring to church membership, average Sunday morning attendance, or something else?

Bob Franquiz


This is great stuff. Guys beat themselves up or build themselves up in pride because they continually compare themselves to other churches in other areas of the country. it's not apples and apples. I think a lot of these lists about the top 100 this or that feed that mentality.

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