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August 30, 2006


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Your WR corps are weak at best..


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Chip Sanders

Dude, you are thin at RB. I would be concerned about that.

Jay Hardwick

Joel...I agree, my WR's aren't top shelf. But, I think Chambers will become Culpepper's new Moss and I think Evans will be good in Buffalo...IF someone can throw the ball to him.

Chip...I kind of like my RB's. Rudi has run for 1400 yards and 10+ TD's the last two years and I think he'll have a bigger role until Palmer is 100%. Droughns...domestic abuse aside...touched the ball almost 30 times/game last year. Dunn is the unprecedented feature back in ATL with the departure of Duckett. Green is healthy again. And Moats may be the man in Philly with Westbrook's continuing injury issues.

Who knows? I never like my team until I see how they actually perform.

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