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August 22, 2006


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I GUESS that's a good reason why you weren't at the office for my visit...Sounds like it was really awesome. Next time, you should take your interns.

Manny Keyser

I am a student pastor in Jacksonville Florida, I am also apart of DASH as a partnering church. A few months ago I spoke with Scott Tanksley about a strategic partnership in jacksonville and I see that you listed that it was in the works for spring 07. I was wondering if you could shoot me an email of someone working on that team.

I also was wondering about your experience as a partner? Whats it like, how has the training been? Do people seem to be receptive to the video messages? Does your band cover the Northpoint music and set? And anything else you may want to pass on! I know you are busy so thanks for taking the time to read this.


I hear ya. Here's the latest for me - relevant blend - at the downtown coffee shop in the shelbytown. A place for under 40 guys only. Trying to tighten up the way this thing should go off and what it consists of (need some jaybird assistance here) but I'm quite sure it's of the Lord. How bout a non-threatening enviro full of relevant stuff all pointing to Jesus. Most importantly a place for guys to bring guys -this is a niche that needs to be exploited. Thinking of themes like: Everyone wants to be relevant, Purpose – What?, Choices, Uncommon Wisdom,Servant Leadership, Workplace and just added: Band of Brothers – We aren’t supposed to do this on our own.

My guess is we could all use some relevant blend and a band of brothers.

Meanwhile, I'm playing a golf match this morning where I'll be giving my opponent 6 strokes - What? They have me for a 7 and him for a 13 handy - He shot a 7four the other day.....this ought to be a good experience.

paul wickham's stuff is cool.

Lastly, thanks for the very cool card to the folks and rach/me. Keep that high hurdle - one day we'll run some laps together.

In full accord with my best buddy - leedle

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