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July 27, 2006


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Chris Whisonant

Welcome to the blogosphere! I've been blogging since Feb 2005. I mostly do tech blogging surrounding IBM software, but I also use it as a ministry and post some Christian stuff from time to time. One of my 3 posts about the Gospel of Judas even got a Business Unit Executive at IBM to comment a little about his recent searchings. Pray for me in that because I generally have about 100 unique people hit my blog everyday from all walks of life. I've gotten kind of close with people through this tool and it even landed me the opportunity to speak at a big IBM conference this past January. Please pray for hearts to be open when they come to my site.

I'm now subscribed - good to see you out here!! Oh, Jen and I are expecting another kid - probably late March! :)

Greg Harris

Very cool, I'm glad to finally find a blog I'll want to read on a regular basis. Now we just need to get the rest of the Catalyst team on board!
One thing tho, you really should register if you want to use it ;)

Jay Hardwick


I'd love to get the domain name. Can you help make that happen and point it here?


scott hodge

Welcome to blogland Jay! Looking forward to staying connected through your blog.

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